What exactly is a Huawei Cloud Kunpeng phone

According to recent news, Huawei Cloud Kunpeng mobile phone has started public testing, and some netizens believe that this can reduce the dependence on mobile phone chips. So what is the truth?
May wish to listen to the official statement. According to the China Securities Journal, on the evening of September 3, Huawei said that Huawei Cloud Kunpeng mobile phone was only a server on the cloud, providing enterprise users with a virtual operating environment for some mobile applications.
Cloud mobile phone, in fact, Huawei Cloud Kunpeng mobile phone was released half a year ago, and there was an introduction about it at that time. According to the contents of the official website of Huawei Cloud, the Huawei Cloud Kunpeng Cloud mobile phone is based on the Huawei Cloud Kunpeng bare metal server, which virtualizes a cloud server with a native Android operating system and a virtual mobile phone function. As a new type of application, cloud mobile phones play a very good role in extending and expanding physical mobile phones, and can be used in cloud mobile games, mobile office and other scenarios.
Introduction to Huawei Cloud Kunpeng mobile phone, the advantage of Huawei Cloud Kunpeng mobile phone lies in the industry’s exclusive public cloud, which is based on the Huawei Kunpeng processor and has the same structure of end and cloud. Compared with the traditional simulator solution, the operating performance of the virtual mobile phone is increased by 80%. In terms of price, Huawei Cloud Kunpeng mobile phone rx1.cp.c60.d10.e1v1 version (2 cores +3.5GB+10GB) is 5950 yuan/server/month, kg1.cp.c100.d10SSD.e1v1 version (2 cores +4.2GB) +10GB) is 10700 yuan/server/month. In addition, the most important thing is that Huawei Cloud Kunpeng mobile phone has professional GPU hardware support, is compatible with native instructions, can run mainstream games and applications, and can provide enterprise-level cloud security protection.

Post time: Sep-07-2020