Join forces to attack 5G! Taiwan PCB Factory Haoyu Bode will acquire 24% equity of Jialianyi

Taiwan’s printed circuit board factory, Haobo Bode, announced that it will acquire a 24% stake in Jialianyi of Taiwan Soft Board by subscribing to private equity and share exchange, and become the single largest shareholder of Jialianyi. Jialianyi will also acquire Haoyu. Bode 6.5% equity.

Haoyu Bode and Jialianyi held a press conference on the 30th to announce the news. Haoyu Bode pointed out that it will temporarily subscribe for Jialianyi private equity shares at a tentative rate of NT$28 per share (the same unit). Private equity common stock is about 16% of the new share capital after Jialianyi’s capital increase.

After obtaining 24% equity, whether it will also obtain the directors and supervisors of Jialianyi, Haoyu Bode said that there is no plan yet, and the people of Jialianyi will not change.

Jialianyi said that the company has been cultivating the high-frequency soft-board LCP required for 5G for many years, and the related technology has matured, and the funds for private equity common stock will also be used for the future operation of the company.

Post time: Aug-01-2019
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