Competitive Price for Make Pcb - 94v0 Rohs Pcb Board – Q&J

Competitive Price for Make Pcb -  94v0 Rohs Pcb Board – Q&J

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Flexible circuit boards are also called flexible circuit boards and flexible circuit boards. Referring to the soft board or FPC, the flexible circuit board has the advantages of high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness, less wiring space limitation, and high flexibility compared with ordinary hard resin circuit boards.  

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  • 1.Double sides: 12~24 hours; 4~8 layers: 48 hours; 10~14layers:3WD; More than 16 layers: Up to difficulty

    2.Quick response, we will reply Customer’s enquiry within 1 hours;

    3.Board thickness VS drill size: 12:1

    4.Line width/spacing: 2.5/3mil

    5.Min hole size: 0.1mm(laser drilling)

    4 IMG_3 IMG_2

    Attention to detail, we package every box of products and ensure perfection. The pcb board is vacuum-packed, and the inside of the box is padded with foam. The outer surface of the box is wrapped with tape to avoid damage caused by external impact or water, so that customers can receive the best products with confidence.

    The quality of the products is very good, especially in the details, can be seen that the company work actively to satisfy customer's interest, a nice supplier.
    5 Stars By Maggie from India - 2017.02.28 14:19
    Problems can be quickly and effectively resolved, it is worth to be trust and working together.
    5 Stars By May from Barcelona - 2018.09.29 13:24

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